Johnny Marr refuses to be drawn on Smiths reunion

Guitarist also reveals his latest project

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has refused to be drawn on the subject of reforming his old band.

Rumours have been circulating all week that Morrissey and Marr have been speaking again and a reunion could be on the cards.

But the guitarist told BBC 6 Music that he has not “really given it much thought”.

Marr also revealed that he has been mastering the forthcoming Smiths compilation, which is due out next month.

He added: “I think everyone was glad that I stepped up to the breach. I didn’t have to do it, it could have come out anyway – but I just felt like it was doing a disservice to the band and the people who were buying the records.

“Over the years there have been releases of the records and I wasn’t happy with the way they sounded. So I rolled my sleeves up and fixed that, and I’m pretty happy with the way that turned out.”