Wanted – the world’s biggest Smiths fans

Love the Moz and co? Prove it

With albums like ‘The Queen Is Dead’ and ‘Meat Is Murder’, not mention their unique style and offbeat take on the world, The Smiths were voted NME’s most influential band of all time a few yearts ago.

It’s no light honour, they’ve changed the lives of Noel Gallagher, Pete Doherty and Alex Turner… but now NME wants to know how they changed YOUR life?

Do you have the world’s biggest Smiths shrine in your bedroom? Are you a Morrissey lookalike? Did hearing ‘The Queen Is Dead’ inspire you to form your own band? Have you made a pilgrimage to Salford Lads Club – and have the pictures to prove it?

Send your stories and pictures to features@nme.com with your name, age and hometown and we’ll print the best ones in a future issue of the NME.