Johnny Marr denies Smiths reunion

And readies new album

The Smiths will not be reforming for a charity gig, according to Johnny Marr.

His band The Healers are due to perform at the Manchester V.Cancer benefit on January 28. The gig was organised by Smiths bassist Andy Rourke. There was speculation that the band may reform for the gig.

However, Marr posted on his official site: “The Smiths will not be re-forming at this concert.”


On related news, Marr is set to release a second album with his band The Healers.

The as-yet-untitled album will be the follow up to the band’s 2003’s debut ‘Boomslang’.

The songs expected to appear on the new album include:

‘Denial Denial’

‘I’ve Seen More’

‘The Sparks Of Life’


‘Reign Down The New Days’

‘Save Ourselves Again’

‘For The True Believers’

’I’m The One’

‘A Certain Kind’

‘Run In The Dust’