The Snuts: “We want to get the same reaction as Primal Scream”

"We want to get the same reactions at those huge festivals and gigs"

The Snuts have opened up about the influence of Primal Scream on their latest EP – as well as the “madness” of releasing new music while the world is in lockdown due to coronavirus.

The rising Scottish band released their debut ‘Mixtape’ EP last month, which sees them channelling the spirit of Bobby Gillespie and co on their anthem in waiting ‘Fatboy Slim.’

“When we first wrote the song it had a classic rock sound, something like The Rolling Stones’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ and even a bit of Primal Scream,” frontman Jack Cochrane told NME. “So we were keen to not ignore those influences, but also make sure it still sounded like us. It isn’t a carbon copy, but we wanted to get the same reaction that Primal Scream always get at those huge festivals and gigs.”


As for the track’s name, Cochrane explained how it was a knowing nod to the influential DJ – praising his distinctive production style.

“We were sitting on the track for quite a while and I had this clear image of what I wanted it to be, but everyone seemed apprehensive to touch it,” said Cochrane. “I don’t think some producers understood the vision I had for it, but we took it into the studio Tony Hoffer and he was keen to take that challenge on.

“I wanted it to span different genres – I was obsessed with Fatboy Slim’s production at the time, the drum loops and stuff like that. There are nods to all our favourite artists – we just wanted to do something that would be really fun to perform live.”

The EP, meanwhile, arrived at the beginning of the UK’s lockdown – which has forced the group to postpone their biggest show to date at London’s O2 Forum next month. However, Cochrane insists that the band will come back stronger when the crisis finally comes to an end.


“What’s been great for us is just having a release during the madness,” he told NME. “It’s been nice to take people’s eyes and ears off the news at the moment. We’ve been able to put something positive out in the world, which has been a blessing for us. We’ve kinda been able to ignore the madness.”

He added: “It’s just one of those things. There are people in a lot worse positions than us at the moment, and we know the show is just postponed.  When live music comes back, we’ll be there at the forefront to bring it back with a bang. We’ll be adding dates to sold out shows, bigger venues and try to make the best of a bad situation. We’ll be providing a positive when we get out of this tunnel.”

The Snuts’ Mixtape EP is out now.