The Snuts ready to battle it out with Demi Lovato for UK Number One

If victorious they'll be the first Scottish band to debut at Number One since The View in 2007

The Snuts have announced that they’re about “to embark in the biggest fight” of their lives this week as they hope to bag the top spot on the UK album chart.

The Scottish indie rockers, who have been making music since they were teenagers, released their debut album ‘W.L.’ on Friday (April 2), which features the singles ‘Elephants’, ‘Always’ and ‘Somebody Loves You’.

Hoping the album lands at Number One on the UK album chart, the band look like they will be battling it out with Demi Lovato, whose comeback album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’ was also released last week.


“Today we found out that we are about to embark in the biggest fight of our lives (square go),” The Snuts wrote on Twitter. “This Friday the count is in with The Infamous Snuts in a showdown of the ages for the number 1 album spot. Are you with us?”

The band – who shared the tweet with a photoshopped image of frontman Jack Cochrane as Mel Gibson in the film Braveheart – also included the hashtag #SNUTSFORNUMBER1.

If The Snuts debut at Number One next week they will become the first Scottish band to do so since The View did it 14 years ago with their 2007 album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’.

Speaking to NME last month, the band talked about how they feel about getting back to live gigs once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.


“I’m gonna be fucking terrified when it comes to stepping on stage for the first time again,” Cochrane admitted. “Livestreams might be the new normal at the moment and we appreciate the fact people are staying on-board, and it’s a real help at the moment. We just can’t wait to play live for them again.”