Spice Girl Mel B's forthcoming solo album, 'Hot', is to feature collaborations with Sisqo, among others...

MEL B has teamed up with Sisqo, R&B pioneer TEDDY RILEY and MINNEAPOLIS-based producers JIMMY JAM and TERRY LEWIS on her debut solo album, ‘HOT’, released through VIRGIN in October.

Speaking to Music Week magazine, the woman known as Scary Spice, who co-wrote all but one of the songs on the album, admitted that it was “tough” working with top-level urban dance producers such as Riley, and revealed that they didn’t get along in the studio.

She said: “[He] was tough to work with. He had a pretty bad attitude and seemed to have decided that I’d be a pop star Spice wanker before he’d even met me. This made for some pretty uncomfortable times, but luckily, the team around him were very professional and we ended up with great tracks from the sessions.”

Mel B specially requested to work with former Dru Hill member Sisqo, as she was a big fan. Their collaboration on songs ‘Hell’ and ‘No Hotter’ took place before the ‘Thong Song’ star had launched his solo career.

Her boyfriend, actor Max Beesley, who has previously played with Take That, George Michael and Jamiroquai, also contributed a song to the album. ‘Step Inside’ was co-written by Mel B, Beesley and Henry Binns.

Mel admitted: “Coming up with the songs was intense. It’s an extremely personal record, and writing it has been like therapy… like a documentary of all the things that I’ve been going through in the last two years.”

She also added: “It was not like working with the Spice Girls because I knew that it was all down to me vocally. It was a challenge because I had to be very focused. If there was a high note to be hit, for instance, I knew that I’d have to concentrate and get it right – no chance to get one of the other girls to do it.”