And it seems she's a fan of the Manics too. No word on whether she likes Atari Teenage Riot, however...

MELANIE B has told NME.COM that LIMP BIZKIT’s current reign at Number One is a good thing – but it won’t be the end of pop music.

Answering fans’ questions for us yesterday, the Spice Girl responded to a fan who asked whether Limp Bizkit’s success was spearheading a new musical era by saying, “I don’t know about that, but I think it’s good that all kinds of music gets a chance to be heard. It’s good that they are Number One.”

She also revealed that she was keen to work with Destiny’s Child. “We’ve worked with the same producer, Rodney [Jerkins], so we’re nearly there,” she said. “When I recorded ‘I Want You Back’ with Missy Elliott, they were all in the studio, so it was very embarrassing.”

Melanie also outed herself as a Manics fan, adding “I love Manic Street Preachers, that was one of the first concerts I saw. They are absolutely brilliant.”

And as Melanie gears up for the release of another single from her ‘Hot’ album, she reasons that the individual Spice Girls are all “so fucked doing our solo stuff” that the much-touted Spice Girls greatest hits would be unlikely to surface this year.

So see if Melanie answered your question, check out NME.COM later today for the full video interview.