And the celebrity pair could be entitled to damages too...

POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM and her footballing husband DAVID may be entitled to damages in the breach of confidence case brought against their former bodyguard MARK NIBLETT.

A High Court judge ruled yesterday (April 3) that Niblett has ignored an order against him brought by the couple when he went ahead and worked with Andrew Morton on an unofficial biography about them.

The book was published during October last year. At the time Posh and Becks made it clear they did not approve of the contents.

According to reports in the UK press today, an inquiry into the breach will now be held and Posh and Becks could be entitled to damages, which could include compensation for ‘injury to feelings’.

The judgement also included a final injunction, which prevents the bodyguard from disclosing any further private or confidential information about the couple’s lives.

Neither Posh nor David, in action for Manchester United last night in the home defeat to Bayern Munich, were in court. A solicitor read a brief statement saying they were “naturally both pleased with today’s outcome, although they regret the proceedings ever had to be brought at all.”