The Spice Girls! They're gonna live forever! Do they have to?...

“SPICE GIRLS to mix it like the STONES,” hollers the STAR this morning, as they deliver the glad tidings that the SPICES will continue to milk the phenomenon, oops, we mean roll ever onwards, by reuniting for big one-off nostalgia-fests.

The paper tells us: “[they] plan to stay together Forever – and are ready to follow the Rolling Stones’ lead by teaming up regularly for big one-off concerts.” Haven’t the Stones been on a constant “world tour” (of the globe’s hotspots) for the last 500 years?

Cher is lined up to play Cradle Of Filth fave Elisabeth Bathory, the maiden-slaying 17th-century aristocrat, in a movie, according to The Sun. Mass-murdering “weirdo” Bathory bathed in the blood of sacrificed virgins to maintain her youthful beauty. Co-stars tipped to appear include Gerard Depardieu and Anjelica Huston, according to the Express.

Several tabloids ruminate on Britney Spears’ “bad girl” potential, after she joined Aerosmith (as reported elsewhere on NME.COM this morning) at the Superbowl and her recent four-letter Rock In Rio outburst.

nominations and are appearing at the awards ceremony next month.

Things are going better for chart-topper LeAnn Rimes, who, the Star tells us, is moving in with hunky TV actor boyfriend Andrew Keegan. The 18-year-old, who hit Number One with her single ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ last year, confirmed they will live together in Los Angeles before they get married. “I wasn’t the biggest believer in marriage or long-term relationships, but I’ve come around a bit,” said 22-year-old ‘Party Of Five’ actor Andrew. To paraphrase the immortal Mrs Merton, what was it that attracted you to millionaire country starlet LeAnn…?

The Mirror has a tres sexy pic of Robbie in a fetching diddy-hat and baggy tracksuit, and probes into Eminem’s marital problems. Apparently he’s banned groupies from his dressing room on tour, so “desperate” is he to win back Kim, who he’s of course well-known for singing the praises of at every opportunity. ‘If he says anything onstage about killing anyone he will be arrested,” quoted a legal-eagle in Hamburg where he plays tonight.

Elton John is off to Africa to make a documentary about the Aids epidemic and the work his charity, Elton John Foundation does. The film is likely to be shown on TV in November.