NME.COM lets you know how you can put a question to the blonde bombshell...

Emma Bunton is the latest SPICE GIRL to take part in a webchat, as the release date for the band’s comeback single ‘HOLLER’/‘LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY’ looms ever nearer.

At 6pm (BST) today Bunton will be fielding questions from fans around the world via the Spice Girls’ official website , but you can visit the site now and register your question in advance.

Melanies B and C have already chatted with fans over the past few weeks, which just leaves Victoria Beckham, whose own webchat will take place next week during a week of frenzied promotional activity for the Spice Girls as they pull out all the stops to ensure that their comeback single sits atop the charts.


‘Holler’ / ‘Let Love Lead The Way’ is released through Virgin next Monday (23 October), spearheading the release of ‘Forever’ on 6 November.

Meanwhile, Andrew Morton‘s controversial book ‘Posh & Becks’ looks like it might be turned into a film. According to [url=], Morton has discussed the possible project with Sky Movies.

A contact close to Morton has told the site that “Negotiations about a film are under

way, but nothing has been finalised yet.”

No stars have been associated with the leading roles, and the film’s subjects have yet to comment.

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