The girls wait for judgement...

THE SPICE GIRLS are waiting to hear if they must pay #1.6 million damages to the Italian scooter company that’s suing them over a sponsorship deal which is said to have flopped after Geri Halliwell left the group.

Aprilia Scooters claims it produced a special ‘Spice Sonic’ scooter with silhouettes of the girls on it.

Rossana Fuzzi, Aprilia’s advertising manager told the court: “When Geri left, all our brochures, advertising material and the logo became obselete. A very expensive commercial of the girls became unusable. This is what I would call a total marketing flop.”

In turn, the Spice Girls are claiming #212,500 from Aprilia which they claim they are still owed from the firm in respect of the sponsorship deal.

Mrs Justice Arden reserved judgement at the end of the five day hearing yesterday. No date has been set for her to give her verdict but it is expected to be before Easter.