And it has nothing to do with that criminal True Steppers record...

VICTORIA BECKHAM has appeared in court today (January 22) and claimed she phoned a man now accused of stealing her baggage, to thank him for finding their contents.

According to the BBC, the Spice Girl appeared at Isleworth Crown Court in London and said four of her suitcases, which contained clothes and personal belongings, including photographs of her with her family, disappeared en route to Heathrow Airport from Miami last April.

The defendant, 20-year-old Mark Oliver, is charged with theft and handling stolen goods. The prosecution alleged Oliver had approached Beckham via a third party, claiming he had found a number of the lost items on his rubbish truck.

In court, Beckham said: “I rang him to thank him for returning some of my possessions, but wanted to let him know that I was keen to get the rest of the stuff back if he knew where it was.”

Prosecutor Kim Hollis said: “There then followed a farcical pantomime by this defendant pretending to Victoria Beckham that he was at the rubbish tip looking for the photos. The Crown alleges that this was a pantomime, for he had possession of the photos at his parents’ house.”

It is alleged that some of the lost items were found by police at Oliver’s parents’ house. The trial may last three days.