Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton are both set to embark on projects outside the band...

BABY SPICE and POSH SPICE are both set to embark on projects outwith Spice Girls.

PoshVictoria Beckham – is to sing guest vocals on the new single by True Steppers, ‘Out Of Your Mind’, the follow-up to their hit ‘Buggin’, which featured Another Level‘s Dane Bowers.

Andy Ice-cream from True Steppers has said that people will be “very surprised” when they hear her vocals and added that the new track was “more advanced than anything we’ve done before”.

Meanwhile, Emma Bunton is reported to have accepted a film role in a movie to be filmed in Ibiza at the end of the summer, based on Club 18-30-style antics. Insiders have predicted that Bunton will be “fantastic” in the role of the tearaway character, which one source reported she wanted to take because it was such a departure from her image in the Spice Girls.