Spice Girls fan evicted for over-playing ‘Viva Forever’

Gavin Townroe has formerly been handed an ASBO for noise pollution

A fan of The Spice Girls has been evicted from his home after repeatedly playing the girl group’s hit single ‘Viva Forever’ at ear-splitting volume.

Gavin Townroe, who lived in Digby Court in the Lenton area of Nottingham, repeatedly played loud music and caused one of his neighbours to complain about him in January, 2012. Following the complaint, Townroe was later given an ASBO after causing one neighbour to be signed off work sick due to a lack of sleep. However, Townroe continued to disrupt those around him and was subsequently given a six week suspended jail term in October 2012.

Now Nottingham City Council have confirmed that they have successfully issued Townroe with an eviction notice and that the pop music lover will have to leave his home by February 4 and also pay costs of £913.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, enforcement officer Wayne Cliff said: “Despite being warned, Mr Townroe had a total disregard for his neighbours. At times the volume was so loud residents would leave their properties to escape the music.”

Meanwhile, one of Townroe’s neighbours, Salah Alsayed, said: “As well as the Spice Girls, it was different music too – rock, dance, R&B. I like music too – but not like that. Friday, Saturday, you don’t mind, but seven days a week is very difficult to deal with. Sometimes it would happen at seven, eight o’clock in the morning – I don’t mind the Spice Girls but not at that time in the morning.”

Gavin Townroe’s neighbours are not the first people to complain about having to listen to Spice Girls songs in recent times. A West End musical written by Jennifer Saunders and using the iconic pop acts songs was roundly slated by critics when it launched in London in late 2012.