Mark Oliver will serve his time in a young offenders' institute...

MARK OLIVER, the 20-year-old man found guilty of handling stolen goods belonging to SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM, has been sentenced to 15 months in a young offenders’ institute.

As previously reported on NME.COM, a jury at Isleworh Crown Court in London found Oliver guilty on two counts of handling stolen goods.

The charges relate to four Louis Vuitton suitcases which went missing during a transfer between flights at Heathrow Airport heading for Manchester. Inside were a range of designer clothes and items of sentimental value, including a book containing a lock of her son Brooklyn’s hair and love messages from her husband, Manchester United footballer David Beckham.

It was claimed in court Oliver had approached Beckham via a third party, claiming he had found a number of the lost items on the back of his rubbish truck.

According to the BBC, Judge John Crocker sentenced Oliver to 15 months on each charge earlier today (February 16). The sentences are to run concurrently, and it is anticipated that he will serve half of his sentence.

Speaking about the case, Crocker said: “You returned the identifiable pieces of property and no doubt enjoyed speaking to Victoria Beckham and receiving her thanks. I do not believe these bin liners landed on the back of your lorry by chance.

“You knowingly received, in my view, a substantial part of the luggage, some of which has been recovered, other bits have not…Those that handle stolen goods must expect severe sentences and I am not sentencing you because of the person whose property you received, I am sentencing you as I would anyone else for this type of offence.”