After months of bitter feuding, the pair finally come to an agreement...

SPICE GIRL MELANIE B has announced that the end of her tangled relationship with ex-husband JIMMY GULZAR has finally come to an end.

After months of unpleasant feuds in private, in public, in courts, in the media and – more recently – in Top 20 singles, Mel Brown and Jimmy Gulzar have issued a statement via their longstanding public relations company stating: “Jimmy Gulzar and Melanie Brown have compromised the financial proceedings between them. A term of settlement is that the details of the court order shall be confidential.”

In the middle of the public feuding is Phoenix Chi – the couple’s child, still only a year and a half old. Access rights have been agreed between the couple, who divorced in secret earlier this year. The couple had married just two years ago after Brown and Gulzar, a dancer by trade, met on an international Spice Girls tour.

The resolution to a messy relationship will provide some solace for Brown in a month that has seen her long-delayed solo album ‘Hot’ stiff in the UK chart at Number 28, followed by the massively disappointing performance of Spice Girls comeback album ‘Forever’, which was thrashed 3:1 by Westlife in the UK charts and sold barely more than 30,000 copies in its first week on sale in the US.

Even if in no other sense, Brown’s marriage will leave a lasting mark on pop’s annals. Her collaboration with Timbaland, ‘Word Up’, was released under the artist name Melanie G.