You know what? The Spice Girls and Westlife are really the best of pals and they have a right laugh about stuff...

MELANIE C has apologised for causing offence and played down the rivalry between the SPICE GIRLS and WESTLIFE as the result of Sunday’s albums chart looks certain to go in the favour of WESTLIFE’s ‘COAST TO COAST’.

Speaking live on MTV Select this morning (November 9), Chisholm commented: “There’s been some rubbish in the papers – for a change – and I just want to apologise to anybody who found the pictures of me offensive today, but I’m sick of the papers.”

Pictures appeared after the Spice Girls invited the papers to attend the launch for ‘Forever’ on Monday night (6 November). “There is NO battle between the Spice Girls and Westlife. In fact, I’ve just been speaking to Bryan from Westlife. We weren’t exactly laughing about it – we were moaning about it. We always call each other to tell each other if we didn’t say stuff. So don’t believe what you read.”

“But I am sorry – I was out of order. But it was aimed at the paparazzi and the papers.” Ironically ‘the papers’ were the first to cover Mel’s outburst.