Spice Girls to tour for 20th anniversary, reports say

The tour will go ahead with or without Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girls are set to both reform and tour for their 20th anniversary, sources say.

Rumours of a 20th anniversary tour have been around for the last year, with Mel B and Gerri Halliwell amongst the members who have commented publically on their desire to reunite for the 20th anniversary of hit debut single ‘Wannabe’. Victoria Beckham – Posh Spice – has long been rumoured to be sitting out any reunion.

US Weekly are citing sources confirming a tour is to go ahead, and also have comments on the likely level of any involvement from Beckham.


They quote an insider as saying “This has been in the works for the past year. The girls have long been keen to do a major reunion tour together.”

A second source adds “They are trying to convince Victoria to jump in, but she doesn’t want to do it. If she doesn’t agree, they are moving ahead without her.”


The publication also states that Victoria Beckham “won’t sing or dance,” adding “there’s a small chance she’ll film something with [the band] or make an appearance at a show here and there.”

The 20th anniversary of ‘Wannabe’ comes around on August 7.

The Sun last year reported that Beckham “insists she is too busy” for a reunion but that the possibility will remain open to her if she changes her mind. Her alleged uneasy relationship with fellow member Mel B was also cited as a reason.

A source added: “Victoria wishes the girls the best of luck. She knows the reunion is on but has declined to be involved. She is far too busy running her fashion brand and looking after her family to get back on a stage. She also feels that they left the stage on an amazing high with their Olympics performance and worries a reunion could tarnish their legacy.”


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