The Spice Girls will not play Nelson Mandela gig

Mel B says future live dates are very unlikely

The Spice Girls will not play Nelson Mandela‘s 90th birthday party, according to band member Mel B.

The band had been rumoured to play at the gig, which is set to take place in Hyde Park in London on June 27. Eminem, Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis are among acts set to perform at the bash.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Brown did say that the band were still in touch following recent tour date cancellations.

She said: “I did hear about that and we’re all big fans of Nelson Mandela but I don’t think we’re going to be doing that. I know we all have a lot of stuff going on. I know that I’m here working probably until the end of the year. But I know I don’t have a break. But he’s a great guy. I can’t believe he’s 90.”

Speaking of her relationship with her bandmates, Brown said, “We’re friends so you can never get away from, you know, texting each other and doing a reach out and saying hi. It’s all nice.

“The tour wasn’t an abrupt end at all cos we only started off to do 10 shows and it just escalated.

“There were more and more demands from here, there and everywhere. Our tour went on pretty long considering what we actually started out for it do be. But it was brilliant. We all had so much fun. It was great.”