Tabloid Hell: Spice up your pants!

Spice Girls team up with Victoria's Secret

In these post-Radiohead times no one really sells CDs the normal way anymore, do they?

Well, certainly not The Spice Girls, who are planning to sell their greatest hits through the Victoria’s Secret shop – the lingerie chain that’s classier than Jordan’s own brand of crotchless pants, but not as bespoke as Agent Provocateur.

Lined up right next to barber wire bras and diamonte kitten heals you could re-live the joys of ’Say You’ll Be There’ and the not so great moments, like every one of their tunes after Geri left when they sounded like a cut-price Destiny’s Child.

Victoria’s Secret is ordering between 500,000 and 600,000 copies of the album on a one way basis meaning that the chain won’t be able to return them to the label if they wind up going unsold.

The album will also be available digitally through iTunes.