The Spice Girls in ‘fake email’ scandal

Girl group deny they have cancelled Argentinian gig

The Spice Girls have denied they have cancelled a forthcoming gig in Argentina, despite an email being sent to fans claiming that they had.

The email, stating that the group had cancelled their as-yet-unscheduled date in Buenos Aires due to high demand in other areas, has been denounced by a spokesperson as ‘fake’.

A statement read: “The Spice Girls would like to make it clear that they have not cancelled their Buenos Aires show.

A story has appeared on several websites that includes a fake e-mail and competition from the girls. The fake e-mail claims that due to the demand so far in the UK and the US this show is going to be cancelled.”

The email also claimed that the girls would fly some competition-winning Argentinian fans to the UK in place of the ‘cancelled’ date.

The Spice Girls‘ spokesperson refuted this, saying: “This is not the case and this email is 100% unofficial and has nothing to do with The Spice Girls.”

The group are set to begin their 17-night residency at the London O2 Arena on December 15.