The Spice Girl shows she's the type to live and let live...

VICTORIA BECKHAM has said she would “sail off and watch them both drown” if asked to choose between rescuing former SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL or her husband DAVID’s boss, MANCHESTER UNITED football team manager SIR ALEX FERGUSON.

TV show host Jerry Springer put the question to her: “Who would you save from drowning, Alex Ferguson or Geri Halliwell?”

She replied: “You’ve got me there. That’s a good question. Neither. I’d just sail off and watch them both drown.” However she quickly backtracked, adding: “I really am going to regret that, so I’ll give you another answer so you can edit that one out. I’d save them both.”

During the interview for Channel 5 TV show ‘Late Night With Jerry Springer’, which is printed in today’s (August 3) Mirror newspaper, she also revealed it would be “very difficult” for the Spice Girls to record another album.

Asked if she was asked to do another album she said, “Yeah, I’d be in favour of that.” But added: “It would be very difficult because it’s very time consuming. At the moment I think all of us are happy doing our own thing, but it’s open-ended, you never know.”

And she revealed that she feels she has “a lot to prove” with her forthcoming eponymous solo album, scheduled for release on October 1.

“When I started recording this album, I had a lot to prove. I want to prove I can sing and dance and have a vision. I’m really baring my soul on this. I hope people like it. When I was with the other girls I never did a lot of the singing, so this is the first time that people are going to see me and what I am capable of.” She added that she hoped her forthcoming solo album would do well “and I can have a successful solo career,” before going on to have “lots more babies.”