I've left says Spice Girl - then tries to retract it...

MEL C has let slip that she has left the SPICE GIRLS.

Talking on ITV’s FRANK SKINNER SHOW, Mel blabbed: “Actually, I’ve been luckier since I left – well since I’ve been doing my own thing.”

She quickly added:” I’m glad you missed that one”, as she attempted to take back her statement. The slip has added to rampant speculation that the Spice Girls are about to call it a day.


However she later added: “When I’m with Spice I’ve got a lot more to consider. We’ve got young fans and the other girls…I don’t want to upset them, but I find it hard to keep it all in.”

This slip adds to recent statements by Mel C when she revealed: “We’re not really sure about our future. We enjoy our Spice work but we’re having a hard time and just want to be happy.

“We’re not interested in striving to be the best any more. We’ve done that and we just want to do the things that will mean something again. If we get more fulfilment from our solo careers, then that’s what we will do.”

She added, “There will be no Spice tours.”

The Spice Girls have fallen on hard times recently, with their latest album ‘Forever’ being beaten to Number One by Westlife and charting in the United States at a disappointing number 39.

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