C99, GO!

Sporty Spice turns Lefty Spice in pre-V99 NME interview...

MEL C and Supergrass will play at this year’s free Radio 1 live concert at Heaton Park, Manchester, on September 12.

More big-name acts are expected to be announced over the coming weeks and tickets will be given away to listeners in a series of ‘Free Ticket Fridays’ on the station.

The event will be hosted by Radio 1 DJs like Mark & Lard, Zo’ Ball and Jamie Theakston.


This weekend, Mel C and her new band play V99. It will either be a Robbie-style mass conversion, like V98, or a baptism of fire in the flames of indie disdain (writes Stephen Dalton). In this week’s NME, the erstwhile Sporty Spice gives her views on indie, money and politics.

“When it was first mentioned to me, my initial reaction was like, ‘Fuck, yeah!'” she says of her gig at V99. “But a lot of my friends go to festivals and went to V98, and I just thought, ‘Do these people really want to see a Spice Girl onstage?’ So God knows what’s going to happen, but the music’s right, so hopefully it will go down well. I know I can do it, it’s just whether I shit my pants.”

People might just dismiss you as a millionaire megastar trying to prove you have indie-rock credibility.

“Which is crap, isn’t it? But you know what? I really don’t care. That’s their problem and they can deal with it. I’m not really trying to prove anything, I’m just doing what makes me happy. Whether it’s gonna be successful or not is another matter.”

In the course of the interview she also answered questions such as: If you could shag David Beckham without Posh finding out, would you?

“I think David is absolutely beautiful but he’s not my type. And we may as well have all shagged him anyway, we get all the ins and outs. Heeheehee! No, not really. David‘s lovely but he’s too quiet for me. I like bolshy blokes. Victoria‘s the boss there.”


Mel C also distanced herself from any suggestion that the Spice Girls were all Thatcherites

“I’m a socialist. A left-wing socialist,” she says. “Because I’m from a working-class background, it’s quite weird to have all this money and be in the highest tax bracket. But I think if you’ve got a fuckload of money you should get taxed to the hilt! I believe in that principle. I was brought up very anti-Thatcher, of course, living in Liverpool…”

Did it piss you off when the Spice Girls were labelled Thatcherites?

“Yeah. Some of the girls really didn’t care, but I was freaked out because I could not walk around Liverpool after that. Thankfully it got resolved. It’s nice in Liverpool because people are really proud, so when I go home I really get looked after. I can go out clubbing and I don’t get any trouble.”

These says, Melanie the millionaire punk socialist is offered endless sportswear sponsorship deals. She turns them all down.

“People say they’ll send you stuff and that’s great, but when I want something I want to just go and buy it now. And you feel a c— anyway, because I’ve got all this money now! I’ll go out and buy it thanks!”

You can read the full interview in this week’s NME, out today. Mel C appears at V99 in Chelmsford (Saturday August 21) and Staffordshire (22).

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