The Spinto Band announce second album

'Moonwink' is out in September

The Spinto Band have announced the follow-up to their 2006 album ‘Nice And Nicely Done’.

‘Moonwink’ is released on September 8, and features the forthcoming single ‘Summer Grof’.

Explaining their choice of album title, The Spinto Band said: “The term ‘Moonwink’ sort of juxtaposes sinister and sweet. Maybe it is the name of a century-old run down tenement, maybe it is the name of a child’s favourite doll. Our new music seems to borrow equally from the stories that could involve either.”


The album was recorded in a converted sweatshop in Los Angeles with producer Dave Trumfio and was mixed by Tchad Blake.

The tracklisting for ‘Moonwink’ is as follows:

‘Later On’

‘Vivian, Don’t’

‘Summer Grof’

‘The Carnival’



‘The Cat’s Pajamas’

‘They All Laughed’

‘Pumpkins And Paisley’

‘Ain’t This The Truth’

‘Alphabetical Order’

‘The Black Flag’