The Spinto Band return after ‘being made redundant’

US group tell NME.COM why new album was delayed

The Spinto Band have revealed that their second album was delayed because the group was “made redundant”.

The band recorded ‘Moonwink’ in November 2007 in a converted ship in Los Angeles with producer Dave Trumfio. However, just as the outfit were set to release the follow-up to their 2006 debut ‘Nice And Nicely Done’ they were given their marching orders by their record company.

“We were all set to release the second one with them [EMI imprint Radiate Records] and then they got bought up by some sort of investment firm and we joined about half of their employees in redundancy,” guitarist Jon Eaton told NME.COM.


“We sort of managed to get the deal on the coat tails of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Arcade Fire‘s success and when we didn’t pan out the way they did…I think it was just a business position.”

The Spinto Band will now release ‘Moonwink’ on September 8 on new label Fierce Panda.

“There’s a lot more to listen for on this album than the last one,” explained Eaton. “Depth is a good word to use. We put a lot of time into just making sure we could cram it full with these parts so that none of them contrasted, so it’s harmonious.”

Explaining the album title Eaton explained: “It’s just a nice visualisation really. It’s kinda like the idea of the moon looking down on everyone and giving a little wink as though it’s in on the joke.”

The first single to be released from the album will be ‘Summer Groff’, which will see it come out seven years after it was written.

“It was written and recorded years ago when we were recording songs in our basement,” said Eaton. “We were just goofing around and came up with the song. It’s named after [Janeane] Garofalo the actress and comedian. We stumbled back on it a while ago, really started digging it and put in on the new album.”