Reading And Leeds boss on Stone Roses reunion: ‘Ian Brown isn’t motivated by money’

Organiser says he doesn't see how the Manchester band's reunion can be anything other a triumph

The organiser of the Reading And Leeds Festivals has declared that The Stone Roses‘ reunion is about much more than money.

Melvin Benn, chief executive of organisers Festival Republic, told NME that though he knew how much the band were being paid for their reunion shows, he wouldn’t give the figure away. He added though that the shows would be worth every penny.

Asked if he knew what the band were being paid, Benn said: “Of course I know but I can’t tell you. All I will say is The Stone Roses were so, so important to so many of us that quite frankly no matter how much they got as far as I’m concerned it’s worth it.”

He continued: “It’s just fantastic. Those guys should be mates again and they should be onstage giving us all a great time again. It’s easy to talk about money and all that stuff but Ian Brown isn’t a man motivated by money. Of course he wants to be able to afford a pint when he goes to the pub but the money wouldn’t have been the most important thing to him. It would have been about the vibe, whether it was right or in Ian’s words, ‘Does it feel right man?'”

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