Stone Roses’ John Squire gets to grips with Keira Knightley for exhibition

Woody Allen, David Beckham and Lindsay Lohan have also got the Squire treatment

The Stone Roses‘ former guitarist John Squire is set to launch a new exhibition in east London next month – featuring abstract depictions of stars including Keira Knightley.

Running on June 10–July 3, John Squire: Celebrity will also feature Squire‘s depictions of Woody Allen, Albert Einstein, Lindsay Lohan and David Beckham. The show, which will open at the Idea Generation Gallery in Shoreditch, sees famous faces re-imagined into patterns and geometrical shapes inspired by traditional Islamic design.

The Knightley piece is pictured above. For more information on the exhibition head to

Two limited-edition prints – of Knightley and Allen – will be available to buy. Each run will consist of 50 prints.

Squire’s Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter-art adorned the covers of various releases by The Stone Roses. His first public exhibition took place in 2004 and his most recent London show was called Heavy Metal Semantics and ran in 2009.