The Stone Roses’ reunion rumours hailed as ‘bloody great’ by NME.COM users

But some fans are still sceptical about chances of Madchester legends playing together again

EDIT: The Stone Roses confirm reunion and two homecoming shows for 2012

Fans of the The Stone Roses have reacted to rumours that the legendary Manchester band could reform by hailing the news as being “bloody great”.

NME.COM users have taken to Facebook to voice their approval at the prospect of the group reuniting to play live shows in 2012, 15 years after they split in 1996.

Although there has been no official confirmation from the band since the rumours began swirling yesterday, fans remain hopeful the band will play together again.

Ryan Barry wrote: “Best news I’ve heard in such a long time!”, while Dougie Collinson added, “If there is a God then this will happen. Praise the lord”. Ian Bronte simply summed up his reaction with, “That would be bloody great!”

Other fans, however, are still sceptical as to whether there is any validity to the rumours with Colleen Cowie, determined not to get her hopes up, writing: “As much as I would love this to happen I doubt it will, rumours have been rife about this year [and] Ian Brown has dismissed them every year.”

Meanwhile, some Stone Roses enthusiasts were less enthusiastic about a potential reunion in case it damaged the group’s legacy. Mattie Bennet said: “NO. As much as I love The Stone Roses, this will be bad. Nostalgic bullshit. Leave that to Suede and Pulp. Not life changing bands. Their legacy will be destroyed.”

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