John Squire: ‘I will never play with The Stone Roses again’

The guitarist appears on flagship BBC news programme to put a complete stop to reunion rumours

John Squire has told BBC Newsnight that he will never reform The Stone Roses.

Squire appeared live on the programme last night (March 19), insisting to host Gavin Esler that despite recent newspaper reports suggesting otherwise, the band will never play together again.

When Esler asked if there was “any chance” Squire would reunite with The Stone Roses, the guitarist answered: “None whatsoever.”

The presenter then questioned whether never meant “absolutely” never.

“Yeah. I’d rather live my life than attempt to rehash it,” Squire replied.

“It would be pointless. I find art far more challenging and rewarding.”

Esler then asked Squire a final time if he was completely sure about his remarks. The guitarist paused briefly before giving his answer.

“Yeah. That’s the whole point of the visit to your studio – I’m trying to stop the phones ringing.”

Squire went on to reveal that he hasn’t spoken to frontman Ian Brown since leaving The Stone Roses in 1996.

“Even if Ian and I were ‘double-dating’, as we did in our teens, then the prospect of a reunion wouldn’t interest me at all,” Squire said.

Referring to the sculpture Squire posted on his website today that featured a painted dismissal of the reunion rumours, he said: “I decided to post an image on my website to lay it to rest, and hopefully it will work.”

Asked for his reasons for not wanting to reform the band, the guitarist said he is simply happy focusing on his artwork, adding that he is too old to play music these days.

“I think music is a young person’s game and I don’t think us old fogeys should get in the way of that.”

Meanwhile a piece of artwork created by John Squire for the cover of War Child’s ‘Heroes’ album is up for sale in a charity auction now.