Newspaper claims Stone Roses are reuniting

However summer tour and festival claims seem to clash with group's plans

Reports are claiming this morning (March 17) that the The Stone Roses are planning to reform later this year.

The Mirror is claiming that the original members of the Manchester band will reunite for 21 UK gigs this summer.

According to the paper a “source” claimed that: “it’s taken a lot of time to get [frontman] Ian [Brown] to agree but he’s finally signed on the dotted line. The rest of the band were really up for it, especially when they realised the amount of money on the table.”

It also suggests that the band may play the Coachella Festival, although the group are not listed in the line-up for this year’s event, which kicks off in 31 days time (April 17-19).

2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of band’s debut album ‘The Stone Roses’, which was released in May 1989.

Although rumours of a Stone Roses reunion have circulated for a while, it was believed Ian Brown would complete and release the solo album he is currently working on before any alternative project could be considered.

The timing of a summer tour would also prove problematic, with guitarist John Squire staging a major art exhibition this summer.

The show, Squire’s biggest to date, kicks off in July 5 at the Gallery Oldham and in January the guitarist told NME.COM he would be concentrating on his art career this year.

“I’ve got a big show in Oldham and one in Austria and one at the end of the year in Tokyo,” he said. “The Oldham show is in a major public gallery so it’s a lot of work. It’s the biggest show I’ve done.”

Squire added that he didn’t play guitar much these days as he was concentrating on art more.

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