Stone Roses’ Mani: ‘Current music scene is dull as dishwater’

Bassist has a pop at UK's crop of guitar-slingers

The Stone Roses‘ former bassist Mani has had a pop at the current crop of UK bands, calling them “dull as dishwater”.

The bassist, currently playing with Primal Scream, claimed that his former band’s 1989 self-titled debut album still shows up newer acts – and urged bands to “try harder”.

“Twenty years on and it [‘The Stone Roses’] is still fresh and stands out amidst a torrent of mediocrity, career-orientated, dull as dishwater, safe, unimaginative music that dares to challenge for our crown,” he said in a statement.

He added: “We were light years ahead of our time, and The Stone Roses‘ album will always remain light years ahead of the new so-called super-groups. Read ’em and weep guys, you all know who you are! Back to school with you and try harder. Listen and learn from the masters.”

The Stone Roses‘ debut album entered the UK albums chart at Number Five on Sunday (August 16).