Noel Gallagher: ‘Sharing spliff with Mani gave me faith in The Stone Roses’

Oasis man tells NME about his time in illegal Madchester club The Kitchen

Noel Gallagher has told NME how he once found himself partying with The Stone Roses bassist Mani at legendary Manchester squat-club The Kitchen.

Speaking to NME for this week’s (April 18) cover feature, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Stone Roses‘ iconic debut album, Gallagher reminisced about what it was like living in Manchester in 1989, with The Stone Roses and the Madchester scene at its most potent.

Although The Hacienda is commonly acknowledged as being at the epicentre of the iconic scene, Gallagher explained that Hulme‘s Kitchen club was where the real fun was to be had.

“After The Hacienda we would go to the Kitchen parties in Hulme and we used to play the Roses‘ album on the journey every time,” he said.

Situated in a police no-go zone on a notorious Hulme council estate, the dimly-lit Kitchen was made from three box flats that had been knocked into one space with pick axes.

The Kitchen was this sort of homemade club that was pitch black inside,” continued Gallagher, who also revealed that every now and then he’d bump into some of Manchester‘s most famous faces at the illegal parties.

“I remember one night I was passing a spliff to this guy all night and when the sun came up, I saw it was Mani and I thought, ‘wow!’ This guy, who was widely regarded as being in the biggest band in the country, was at an illegal house party at 7am dressing like me. That gave me so much faith in them [The Stone Roses].”

Gallagher also gives his opinion on The Stone Roses‘ classic debut album in the article, saying the 1989 release came out with “unbelievable timing”.

You can read the full article on The Stone Roses, featuring the likes of Gallagher, Mani, Richard Ashcroft and Kaiser ChiefsNick Hodgson in this week’s special 20th anniversary collectors’ edition of NME, out now (April 15).

The magazine also features an exclusive replica of NME‘s legendary 1989 Stone Roses cover, which sees the band covered in paint (pictured above right). Both Liam Gallagher and Ashcroft selected the iconic Kevin Cummins‘ shot (originally dated November 18, 1989) as their favourite NME cover of all time.

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