As the guitarist prepares for the release of his solo debut, he tells NME.COM his old band will not be reuniting...

Former STONE ROSES guitarist JOHN SQUIRE has told NME.COM that the band are not reforming.

Despite the many rumours circulating within the industry of a multi-million pound offer for the band to get back together for a Spike Island-style reunion show, Squire said last week, in a world exclusive interview, that the former members had no intention of hooking back up.

“I’ve not spoken to Ian [Brown] for seven years,” Squire said. “Mani, I’ve seen him a few times. I’ve not spoken to Reni since he quit.”


Squire confirmed that the biggest obstacle to the band reforming would be the breakdown of his relationship with Ian Brown. “Yeah, because we wrote together, we knew each other for the longest, that hurt the deepest.”

The only contact the pair had was when Brown was in Strangeways Prison in 1998 after being convicted of an air rage incident.

“I sent him a Christmas card when he was in prison, that’s the only contact,” said Squire. “He said thanks through a third party.”

Eighteen months ago, former Roses bassist Mani said he thought the band should play live again because of the bad way things ended. He also confirmed they had been offered “absolutely astounding financial incentives”.

But Squire poured cold water on fans’ hopes : “I couldn’t do it and not think about Spinal Tap,” he said. “I heard that Reni’s manager wanted us to play the opening of the Commonwealth Games. That was a good one.”

As revealed yesterday on NME.COM, Squire is currently concentrating on his first solo album, ‘Time Changes Everything’, featuring the first songs on which he sings. It will be released on September 16 through his own North Country label and mark his first release since his post-Roses band The Seahorses’ ‘Do It Yourself’ in 1997.