the former Stone Roses guitarist returns - and he's doing all the singing...

Former STONE ROSES guitarist JOHN SQUIRE is set to release his first ever solo album, ‘TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING’ on September 16.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM in his first interview since he split previous band The Seahorses in 1999, Squire said the album title was inspired by the happier times he had with the Stone Roses.

“It’s about my first long-term relationship, and the old days – before the Roses got anywhere,” he said. “Living on the dole, going round to people’s houses, waiting for people in flat 3B to come down and answer the door. A nostalgia trip for me.”

The album will be released through Squire’s own North Country. It marks his first release since his post- Roses band the Seahorses’ ‘Do It Yourself’ in 1997. The Seahorses split in early 1999 due to conflict between Squire and singer Chris Helme.

Squire has not spoken to the press since, refusing to give his side of the Seahorses split or, he added, “the Roses for that matter.” He said of comments about him made by former bandmates: “I know who I am, I don’t need to compare that with other peoples’ opinions.”

Squire recorded ‘Time Changes Everything’ at his own rehearsal studio in a converted garage at home in the Peak District. The track-listing is: ‘Joe Louis’ ‘I Miss You’ ‘Shine A Little Light’ ‘Time Changes Everything’ ‘Welcome To The Valley’ ‘15 Days’ ‘Transatlantic Near Death Experience’ ‘All I Really Want’ ‘Strange Feeling’ ‘Sophia’

“I went right back to basics with acoustic guitar and my voice originally,” he said. “Maybe I thought I could do that and avoid putting a band together.”

Following aborted sessions with former members ofThe Verve, Simon Jones and Simon Tong, now of The Shining, Squire recorded with largely unknown musicians.

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