'I don't believe we should be given a second shot... I think we're all too far apart now'...

Ian Brown has thrown cold water on the prospect of a STONE ROSES reunion.

The likelihood of the seminal Manchester band reforming appeared to be high in recent months, with former guitarist John Squire, who walked out on the group, saying in interviews that he would like to make up with Brown. Squire and Brown have barely communicated with each other since 1995.

However, [a][/a] revealed that he “can’t see a day when the Roses would reform”. He told The Times: “I think every band has its own lifespan and we had ours, and if we blew it, too bad. I don’t believe we should be given a second shot. I think most bands only reform for the money, don’t they? Like I say, I think we’re all too far apart now. We were too close. We spent years and years in each others’ pockets, now we are all men with families.

“I still see Mani. I kept in touch with Reni, but I’ve not spoken to him for about a year. We had a bit of a fall-out last year. I mean, I have talked to them about doing more Roses shows but at the moment, everyone would be travelling separately and that’s not what the Roses were about.”

A Stone Roses compilation album, ‘The Very Best Of The Stone Roses’, is released on November 4.