But the guitarist insists they'd have to make a new album and do 'a proper tour with new songs'...

STONE ROSES guitarist JOHN SQUIRE has said his old band are likely to reform for a new album and tour.

Squire has always been reluctant to speak out about a future for the Roses. However, in a new interview Squire said that although he wouldn’t be interested in a nostalgic reunion tour, he would consider going back into the studio with [a][/a], Mani and Reni to work on a new record.

“I don’t want to do a reunion tour, because that would be putting matters to rest in the wrong way,” he told Teletext. “If we were to reform, it would have to be to make a new album, and do a proper tour with new songs. I believe that will happen one day.”

Squire releases his debut solo album, ‘Time Changes Everything’, on Monday (September 16).