The bassist, now with Primal Scream, wants to "close the book once for all"...

MANI has thrown down the gauntlet to the remaining members of THE STONE ROSES to reform and “close the book once and for all”.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, the bass player, now a permanent fixture in Primal Scream, said: “I’m of the belief that you should never say never. Who knows what might happen – I’d love to reform to just do the summer festivals and give all these people a chance to actually see us and see us doing it well. For me it finished in such a smelly and horrible way that I’d like to just do something to close the book once and for all properly and then I’d be happy.”

He also confirmed that the band had been offered “absolutely astounding


financial incentives” to reform, but had declined. He said: “You’d be just doing it for the money and we always aid we would never prostitute ourselves that way.”

Despite his willingness, Mani said any chance of a reunion in the near future was unlikely. “I wouldn’t hold my breath really. It’d be a nice thing to do but I don’t know whether it would ever happen.”

Although Mani is now on amicable terms with all three original members, a reunion could also be scuppered by the ongoing feud between Ian Brown and John Squire.

For the full interview with Mani, including his feelings on the rest of the original Roses, see this week’s NME, which is out in London today (December 12), and nationwide from tomorrow (December 13).

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