The Stone Roses producer John Leckie: ‘They nearly called themselves The Angry Young Teddy Bears’

Origins of Ian Brown's 'King Monkey' nickname are also revealed

John Leckie, producer of The Stone Roses‘s debut album, has revealed the band nearly called themselves The Angry Young Teddy Bears.

The Manchester band are due to play four dates at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium later this year.

But during their early beginnings, Leckie said the name of the four-piece almost never was. “That’s [‘The Angry Young Teddy Bears’] what the Roses were thinking of calling themselves when I met them,” he explained. “It sort of suits them in a funny way. The thing with the Roses is that even though there is a punk heritage, they’re hippies. Ian especially. It sounds corny, but there’s a lot of love there, and you don’t really get that with other Manchester bands.”


During recording sessions for the band’s self-titled 1989 debut Leckie said that Brown took to a skipping rope for inspiration. “He had a skipping rope so he’d sometimes start skipping in the corner,” Leckie told Q magazine. “Skipping and smoking that was his thing. Weed, bags of it, and nothing stronger. I never saw powders the whole time. Ian was dead against it. He was just very dedicated. The music came first.”

Dodgy drummer Mathew Priest also revealed the origins of Brown’s nickname ‘King Monkey’. “I told a journalist [for a joke in 1994] Ian no longer answered to Ian. He won’t speak to anyone unless they call him ‘King Monkey’,” he said. “Mani said when they read it they all laughed and started chucking bananas at Ian. They hadn’t been getting on until this point, so he thanked me because it brought them together. The funniest thing is everyone really did start calling him ‘King Monkey’ after that.”

Fans of The Stone Roses were recently fooled into thinking the band were set to play a warm-up gig in Doncaster ahead of their 2016 live dates.