Shane Meadows: ‘I refuse to dig dirt on The Stone Roses’

'This Is England' director defends the stance of his 'Made Of Stone' documentary on day of premiere

Made Of Stone director Shane Meadows has again defended his stance in refusing to “dig dirt” on The Stone Roses in his new film.

Speaking to BBC News, Meadows explained that he didn’t want to talk about the band’s past and instead focus on the their comeback. “The only thing they didn’t want to do was the classic thing you see in documentaries where someone is sat in front of the mixing desk or a rack of guitars… a lot of films dig for dirt and they’re looking for that,” he argued before adding: “It’s about celebrating this reunion and I was right into that. If people want that [to dig dirt] there are millions of other documentaries like that out there. This was a celebration; it’s as much about the fans as it is about the band coming back.”

When pressed if he was “copping out” by avoiding the band’s past he added: “I’ve got no interest in digging for dirt on people. We live in a society now where people get everything they want whenever they want it and they digest it and spit it out quite quickly. I think there’s a beauty sometimes in not getting everything that you want.”

Meadows previously defended his stance on the documentary when he told the NME he deliberately didn’t film the band when they had a bust up in Amsterdam last year. The incident, which saw frontman Ian Brown dub drummer Reni “a cunt” after he walked offstage at Heineken Music Hall on June 12, made the director decide that he didn’t want to make a film like Metallica‘s Some Kind Of Monster. Meadows said earlier this year: “When all that stuff happened it made me feel physically sick. I hated it. I did the opposite of what most filmmakers would do: turned my cameras off, put my crew in a room and said that if anyone tries to sneak out they’re off the job. We’ve all seen it a million times, like the classic Metallica documentary (Some Kind Of Monster) which I love when they’re all in fucking counselling but it’s a bit Spinal Tap. I was setting out to watch the rebirth of my favourite band of all time. I’m not Michael Moore trying to expose the president.”

Made Of Stone is set for release on June 5, while a trailer for the film can be seen below. The premiere of the film, which will take place tonight (May 30) in Manchester, will be satellite-linked to 100 cinemas across the UK, providing a simultaneous preview event to the premiere itself. Check back tomorrow for a full report from the premiere.

The Stone Roses will continue their reunion dates, meanwhile, with two large outdoor gigs at Finsbury Park on June 7 and 8 and a further date at Glasgow Green on June 15. Support for the London shows will come from a selection of guests including Johnny Marr, Rudimental, Dizzee Rascal and Public Image Ltd, whilst the Scottish date will play host to Primal Scream, Jake Bugg and The View.