Shane Meadows reveals how The Stone Roses inspired him to become a director

"They give you that feeling that you can do it yourself" says film maker

Shane Meadows has said that The Stone Roses inspired him to become a film director and go on to make films like This Is England.

The director, who has made the highly anticipated documentary The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone, spoke to Time Out about his favourite band and revealed how their attitude towards life when they first came out gave him the belief that anything was possible. “I think the Roses, like any great working class band, give you that feeling that you can do it yourself, whether it be music or film or whatever,” Meadows says. “Some of their early interviews are fantastic: bold, arrogant, fucking exquisite. I’d always been angry, growing up among unemployment lines. But seeing a band like that, taking on the establishment and smashing it, saying they were the greatest band in the world, it was wonderful.”

Meadows continued: “So when I started making films, filling out forms and trying to get funds and getting rejected, I said; ‘Fuck it, I’ll do it myself, I’ll get my mates together’. Obviously, they’re rock gods and me and Mark (Herbert, Shane’s producer) are podgy baldies but in terms of work ethics we’re not too different.”

All tickets for the first screening of The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone, which will take place at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester and will be attended by the band, have sold out completely. Additionally, eight cinemas participating in the UK-wide simultaneous broadcast also sold out, prompting the distributor Picturehouse to put on additional screens to meet demand.

Meadows filmed the band for almost a year from their reunion press conference in October 2011 to their live shows in August 2012. He was granted unprecedented access to the band, so his film will include intimate scenes of early rehearsals in a remote barn as well as the only official footage from the Roses’ comeback shows in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Lyon, Hamburg, Belfast, Japan and of course Heaton Park.

Meanwhile, the trailer for the film, out on June 5, can be seen here.