Hear The Strange Boys’ new album ‘Live Music’ in full – audio

The album isn't officially released until next Monday (October 24)

The Strange Boys are streaming their new album ‘Live Music’ in full on NME.COM, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to hear it.

The album, which is the Texan band’s third, will be formally released on Monday (October 24), but you can hear it in full now.

‘Live Music’ is the follow-up to the band’s 2010 offering ‘Be Brave’ and was recorded in two distinct halves, which are noted on the album as ‘Side A’ and ‘Side B’.


‘Side A’ was recorded in April of this year in Texas with producer and Spoon drummer Jim Eno, while ‘Side B’ was recorded in December 2010 at producer Mike McHugh’s distillery.

You can read NME‘s review of ‘Live Music’ at NME.com/reviews.

The tracklisting for ‘Live Music’ is as follows:

Side A

‘Me And You’
‘Walking Two By Two’
‘Punk’s Pajamas’
‘You And Me’
‘Omnia Boa’
‘Mama Shelter’

Side B


‘My Life Beats Me’
‘Over The River And Through The Woulds’
‘Right Before’
Hidden Meanings, Soul Graffiti’
‘You Take Everything For Granite When You’re Stone’