The Streets sign up for marathon

Mike Skinner gets ready to go the distance

The Streets frontman Mike Skinner has signed-up to run a marathon.

Writing on his official blog, the rapper revealed after talking to the trainer company that sponsor him, he plans to run this year’s New York Marathon, which takes place on November 5.

“Spoke to Reebok about things and I’ve decided to run the New York Marathon,” wrote Skinner under the heading Big Grief. “I know it seems a bit long but if people do it dressed as milk cartons it can’t be that hard, right?”

The race – which will feature other celebrity runners including Tour De France winning cyclist Lance Armstrong – sees 670,000 runners annually take to the 26-mile course, which transverses the city’s five boroughs before finishing in Central Park.

Skinner didn’t specify what his training routine will be, though worryingly he also used his blog to try to blag a new Rolls Royce car by having his photo taken next to one.

“I enclose a promotional photo of me standing by my choice of car,” explained Skinner of the snap. “ROLLS ROYCE if you’re looking at this, please feel free to send me one over.”