The Streets to sell album cover car

Mike Skinner is open to offers

The Streets are giving fans the chance to own the Rolls Royce which features on the cover to ‘The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living’.

Mike Skinner was planning to use the car to travel on his upcoming UK tour but due to problems installing the vehicle’s stereo, he has revealed that he is considering selling it.

“Unfortunately, the Roller is not with us at the moment and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be ready for another few months,” he said. “There seems to be some problem with getting the new stereo in.

I’m not happy because I was looking forward to using it on the UK tour.”

In a posting on his official blog, Skinner explained: “I was propa (sic) looking forward to caning it through England and Scotland on 3 wheels. If anyone wants to buy a Silver Shadow without sound-system I’m up for offers to be honest.”

The Streets kick off their UK tour on April 27 at the Manchester Apollo.

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