Mike Skinner says he ‘wouldn’t know how to make another album by The Streets’

His former band last released an LP in 2011

The Streets Mike Skinner has said he wouldn’t be able to make another album by his former band.

They last released an LP in 2011 with ‘Computers And Blues’, which was the fifth and final record.

Skinner has since gone on to work on new projects including The DOT and London rapper Oscar World Peace and he has gone back to DJing.

“People get it wrong when they think I’m being a bit belligerent about it,” Skinner told Shortlist. “If someone asked me to make a Streets album tomorrow, I honestly don’t think I could do it. I wouldn’t know how to – it’s been that long. It’d just sound weird. I’m not sure if people want to hear an instrumental Streets album.”

He added: “For me it was straightforward. For everyone else, it’s taken them that long to get their heads around it.

“All I did before The Streets was DJ. It’s like with Idris Elba – people know him as an actor, but he was a really good DJ before that. With The Streets, I wanted to be a producer and I ended up writing songs that – thank goodness – became popular.”

Skinner has now formed a new outfit – Tonga Balloon Gang – and is currently working on some material.

He added: “We did our new song ‘CCTV’ in Birmingham with the top Brummie guys. The next one will be with Burstang from Manchester [collective Murkage].”

Skinner revealed that he may also be working with Kano in the future and declared “he’s on of the greatest rappers this country has ever seen. He claims I was the first DJ to play his track ‘3 Wheel-ups’. His songs go absolutely sick in the club.”