The Streets’ Mike Skinner suffers bizarre crowdsurfing injury

Over-eager fan reopens old operation wound

Mike Skinner was left injured following The Streets‘ gig at Cambridge Corn Exchange on Tuesday (January 27), after he hurt himself crowdsurfing.

Part-way through the band’s set, Skinner dived into the crowd. As he was carried around the venue, one over-eager fan managed to get hold of the star’s belt and refused to let go, leaving the singer in agony.

“Tonight someone held onto my belt so hard that my hernia scar from many years ago opened up to a bright red colour,” Skinner wrote on The Streets’ MySpace. “Looks like a wee organ might pop out of its purpley red bloody gash.”

After the gig, Skinner says a St John Ambulance attendant insisted that paramedics be called. When they arrived, the singer was told to cut down on his crowdsurfing and not let fans grab him so much.

“It seems the era of Moses is over,” Skinner joked on his blog.