The Streets initiate ‘love-in’ at V Festival Stafford

Mike Skinner in a good mood as he plays the hits

The StreetsMike Skinner initiated a ‘love in’ during the band’s V Festival Stafford set in The Arena tonight (August 22).

Skinner made his heartfelt declaration after playing his most revered single, ‘Dry Your Eyes’, midway through the band’s set. The track had already drawn a mass singalong from the crowd, who waved their arms during the chorus.

At the song’s end, Skinner told the massive audience that he wanted to see more love than hate at V Festival.


“It’s not about the music, it’s about doing something together,” he said, garnering wild cheers from fans.

“I want everyone to look at someone they don’t know,” Skinner continued. “Look at someone you don’t know and say, ‘I love you’!”

The gesture caused a varied reaction from fans, though many seemed to take it in good faith.

Elsewhere in their set, The Streets played new songs including ‘Heart’ and ‘M In The Middle’, mixed alongside classics such as ‘Fit But You Know It’ and ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’.

Skinner ended his set by playing a slowed-down version of fan favourite ‘It’s Too Late’.

The track saw the frontman rap his lines before again instructing the crowd to engage in some extra-curricular activities.


“Now V, I want you to do one more thing, then I’m going to leave you,” he said. “I want everybody in this tent to sit down, down on their knees!”

The singer got his wish, with the majority of the crowd kneeling on the floor, many taking pictures as they did so. He then finished the song in more traditional style, speeding it up to its recorded tempo.

The Streets played:

‘In The Middle’
‘Let’s Push things Forward’
‘Fit But you Know It’
‘The Escapist’
‘Turn The Page’
‘Don’t Mug Yourself’
‘On The Edge Of A Cliff’
‘Dry Your Eyes’
‘M In The Middle’
‘It’s Too Late’

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