The Streets cover Michael Jackson during Glastonbury set

Mike Skinner also previews his new album on the Jazz World stage

The Streets paid tribute to Michael Jackson – who died on June 25 – during their Jazz World set at Glastonbury tonight (June 26) by covering ‘Billie Jean’.

Introducing the song midway through the set, Mike Skinner‘s outfit had the entire crowd moving during the cover, resulting in one of the biggest singalongs of the day.

After kicking off their set with Streets classics ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’ and ‘Fit But You Know It’, Skinner also played new song ‘Trust Me’, the song going down well with a huge crowd.

Skinner had given a demo of the song away via his Twitter profile last month.

The Birmingham-born rapper took the time to praise Glastonbury, saying he was “honoured” to be playing it, before adding: “It’s Friday! And it’s not raining! Let’s have it!”

During ‘Everything Is Borrowed’, Skinner leapt into the first rows of the crowd to sing his vocal line.

Another new song, ‘Where My Heart Has Been’, went down particularly well with the heaving crowd, who also danced along to tracks like ‘Weak Become Heroes’ and set closer ‘Blinded By The Lights’.

The former saw Skinner jokingly yell, “Call the security! I’ve taken drugs!”, causing large sections of the crowd to cheer him.

The Streets played:

‘Let’s Push Things Forward
‘Fit But You Know It’
‘The Escapist’
‘Trust Me’
‘Has It Come To This?’
‘Could Well Be In’
‘Everything Is Borrowed
‘Turn The Page’
‘Don’t Mug Yourself’
‘Where My Heart Has Been’
‘Weak Become Heroes’
‘Never Went To Church’
‘Billie Jean’
‘Heaven For The Weather’
‘Dry Your Eyes’
‘In The Middle’
‘It’s Too Late’
‘Blinded By The Lights’

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