The Streets’ Mike Skinner makes crop circles – video

Watch footage of Skinner creating crop circles on NME.COM

The Streets‘ mainman Mike Skinner has posted a video online of him and friend Ted Mayhem creating crop circles by replicating the sound patterns his music makes on computers.

A video – which you can watch by scrolling down now – shows Skinner and Mayhem practising making crop circles in his garden, watching television documentaries about the ancient art and buying equipment from B&Q.

Skinner is set to play the Jazz World stage at Glastonbury with The Streets on Friday (June 26), and on his Twitter page he has hinted that he’s planning to create a crop circle in the next few days, possibly on the Glastonbury site itself.

“If you can tell me how the fuck we’re gonna see a hundred metre crop circle without a helicoptor please let me know,” a recent Tweet from the star said.

However, another Tweet from Mayhem was less enthusiastic about the duo’s plans, simply saying: “Crop circle looking like it might be shit.”

Watch Mike Skinner‘s crop circles video: