The Streets’ Mike Skinner gives away Glastonbury tickets via Twitter

Fans had to explain why they want to go to Worthy Farm in 140 characters

The StreetsMike Skinner has given away a pair of tickets to the Glastonbury festival using Twitter.

The rapper and producer held a competition yesterday (June 11) through his account, asking fans to explain to him why they should get his spare tickets in 140 characters or less. He re-tweeted a shortlist of the best entries then chose a winner.

Skinner explained he had the spare passes because he’d saved them for members of his family, who had since decided to watch The Streets at V Festival instead.

The winning entry was from a Twitter user using the name Gingetastico.

They posted the plea: “Seen you live five times, i have every album, a signed 12″ OPM, and my gf said if we go i can **** her for the first time.PLZ”.

Skinner was suitably impressed, tweeting: “Ginge‘s name is down and he’s coming in. Before my career is killed by kindness.”

The competition isn’t the first time Skinner has utilised Twitter to interact with his fans. The Streets man had released a series of new songs, including ‘He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu’, by posting links on his page.

A new Streets album, ‘Computers And Blues’, is scheduled for release in February.